Hazmat Cleanup

Does your business store petroleum or petroleum-based products on site. If so the real threat of an accidental spill occurring is a possibility. When traditional cleaning services will not do, you need a professional in the spill containment and hazmat cleanup industry to take control and do the job right. Our Hazwoper trained hazmat specialists have the experience, equipment, and expertise you need to restore your property to a safe environment for your workers, your customers, and the health of the community. North Texas Spill Response is available 24 hours for emergency service. But, to ensure that you are proactive in your response to an oil spill or gas spill, contact us prior to needing our services. This will help us to have a better understanding of your needs and we can even provide you with a sample spill containment plan.

Emergency Hazmat Cleanup Services

North Texas Spill Response provides emergency hazmat cleaning services to North Texas and the surrounding areas. We provide oil spill cleanup services for trucking companies, warehouses, gas stations, machinery companies, local municipalities, and more. Our services include responding to motor vehicle accidents where gas and fluid spills occur on a regular basis. We stand behind our services and adhere to all local and federal health regulations and OSHA guidelines. If you happen to find yourself in need of biohazard cleaning services, you’ll want to enlist the services of a competent hazardous material cleanup company. From hydrocarbon cleanup to fluid transfers and even secondary spill containment services, you can trust that North Texas Spill Response can get your site back to normal. Hazmat services are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. From the assessment of the situation to the point at which we leave your property clean, you can rest assured that we will not leave any stone unturned to bring your property back into compliance with all local and federal regulations.

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Professional Hazmat Cleanup

For oil spills and other hazardous material cleanup. We have HAZWOPER Certified Technicians! We provide spill containment, site remediation, as well as onsite soil testing, water testing and more.

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    When you have a spill that needs containment, all it takes is one call to North Texas Spill Response and we’ll be on our way to solve your hazardous material spill needs. It starts with an assessment of the spill situation and a determination of the materials and equipment necessary to remediate the spill. After a thorough assessment is complete, we begin the process of cleaning up the biohazard completely.

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    Biohazard Cleaning Company North Texas

    Challenges Of Hazardous Waste Remediation

    When you’re faced with a spill of potentially hazardous waste services issue, you want a professional hazardous material company that understands not only the laws and regulations surrounding biohazard cleanup but also knows that there are real-life consequences for not containing the spill and removing the hazardous material in a timely manner. A biohazard spill occurs when harmful biological or chemical contaminants pose a threat to people who are in the area of the spill as well as the surrounding environment. Biohazard cleanup can include businesses and homes that have been contaminated by chemical spills, or other dangerous chemicals. When a potentially dangerous material cleanup situation occurs, you’re going to need the cleanup services of skilled professionals to provide safe and effective hazmat material abatement and removal services. The American Chemical Society (ACS) acknowledges that every hazmat remediation situation is unique, but emphasizes that it is a necessity to use trained professionals so that the response is appropriate. From spill prevention to planning, professionals must use the proper equipment and materials to ensure the hazardous material is properly removed and disposed of.

    Dangers of High Toxicity

    Hazmat Cleanup North Texas

    When faced with a fuel spill, high levels of gasoline in the air can irritate your eyes, nose, and throat. It can also cause fainting and even death. When you experience a gasoline spill at your business, home, or out on the road, stay as far away from the spill site as possible and call North Texas Spill Response.

    Flammability of Gasoline Spill

    Hazmat Cleanup North Texas

    The dangers of flammability associated with a fuel spill are not to be taken lightly. If a spark or a flame were to come into contact with the spill area, this can pose a real threat the lives of people nearby. Spraying water on a fuel fire has little to no effect on putting out the fire. Be sure to store fuel away from any heat sources.

    Corrosive Nature of Fuel

    Hazmat Cleanup North Texas

    When a fuel spill occurs, the volatile nature of this corrosive chemical can cause damage to you when it’s inhaled but it can also be harmful when it comes into contact with your skin. Gasoline should be handled with extreme caution and should be considered a carcinogen. Seek medical attention if your skin comes into contact with a fuel spill.

    Dangers of Exposure During A Gasoline Spill

    Response To Fuel Spill Exposure

    Gasoline is a blend of hydrocarbons, it is a clear liquid with a petroleum odor and is used as an automotive fuel and a solvent. There are many dangers to humans who become exposed to gasoline in unsafe ways. If you get gasoline in your eyes, you should immediately flush your eyes with large amounts of water, repeatedly for at least 15 minutes, and then seek medical attention.

    If gasoline comes into contact with your skin, quickly remove any contaminated clothing and immediately wash areas of skin that were contaminated with large amounts of soap and water. If the skin appears to be irritated afterward, seek medical attention. And, if you inhale gas fumes, immediately exit the area where the gas fumes emanate and seek medical attention if your breathing is shallow and you do not resume normal breathing in a few minutes.

    North Texas Spill Response is available 24 hours to provide hazardous material cleanup for all petroleum-based fuels. We provide cleanup, secondary containment and remediation, and removal of all the contaminants.  Our rapid response Hazwoper trained technicians can respond anywhere in North Texas within minutes of receiving a call for hazmat cleanup. Give us a call before a spill occurs so that you can rest assured that your emergency situation is resolved as quickly as possible.

    Hazmat Cleanup North Texas
    Hazmat Cleanup North Texas