Emergency Spill Response

A speedy response to hazardous material spills is a highly important component of a company’s safety plan. Regardless of the size of the spill, the spill response should be the same. When the release of hazardous substances occurs your response should include the following steps.

  1. Evacuate all personnel from the area where the spill occurred.
  2. Identify the hazardous material that was spilled.
  3. Contact your spill response team and relay the type of spill that has occurred.
  4. Block off the area where the spill occurred.
  5. Disconnect all potential sources of ignition.
  6. If the hazardous material that was spilled is flammable notify the fire department.

Once your spill response team has arrived on the scene of the spill, they will then assess the scene and determine the steps necessary to contain the spill, clean up the spill, and dispose of the hazardous material.

The most efficient way of ensuring your business is compliant with all of the regulations surrounding a hazardous material spill is to have a relationship with an environmental services company you can trust. North Texas Spill Response is HAZWOPER certified to provide emergency spill response services and compliant hazardous waste disposal. We service the entire Dallas area and all of North Texas. We specialize in cleaning up hydrocarbon contamination. We do this with a non-toxic solution that cleans the area affected through an immediate chemical oxidation process.

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Call For Emergency Spill Response

For oil spills and other hazardous material cleanup. We have HAZWOPER Certified Technicians! We provide spill containment, site remediation, as well as onsite soil testing, water testing and more.

    Emergency Spill Response North Texas
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    24 Hour Emergency Spill Response

    When containing emergency hazmat spills, the environmental services company you choose should be available at a moment’s notice and have all of the materials necessary to clean up the spill. However, every business that stores or uses large quantities of any type of hazardous material is required by law to ensure that they have some spill containment supplies. North Texas Spill Response has been responding to semi tanker spills for more than 20 years and employs many tools and strategies to ensure that people, property, and the environment remain safe at all times. Our goal is to minimize the negative effects surrounding the release of hazardous materials while also mitigating the liability of the clients we serve. Call North Texas Spill Response to learn how we can help you prepare for a spill, how to avoid a hazardous material spill from happening, and how our high quality remediation services can help restore your property to its pre-spill condition.

    Our well trained hazmat response staff possess the experience and expertise to ensure a swift remedy to your emergency spill response needs. From HAZWOPER certified hazmat specialists to tow truck operators and heavy equipment operators, North Texas Spill Response, has the equipment, manpower, and knowledge required to provide a fast solution to your emergency spill needs.

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    • Biohazard Cleanup
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    • Field Oil Services
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    Hazardous Waste Remediation Services

    Hazardous Materials Response Services

    North Texas Spill Response incorporates a fleet of hazmat response vehicles, specifically designed and stocked with all of the tools, equipment, and chemicals necessary to remediate any hazardous material spill. Our hazmat disposal services are quite extensive and follow all of the guidelines laid out by OSHA, The EPA, and HAZWOPER. We handle a variety of spills, including gas, solid spills, hydraulic oil, and other liquid hazardous materials. When you contract with us to provide environmental services, we will provide the following hazmat response services:

    • Communicate with local, state, and federal agencies as well as law enforcement, and emergency responders.
    • Provide remediation and mitigate the impact of hazardous material release on the soil and water.
    • Dispose of and eliminate hazardous waste that was created by the spill.
    • Determine EPA waste codes, waste stream profiling, and preparation of the manifest.
    • Remove, transport, and dispose of hazardous material from the spill.
    • Soil sampling, dirt sampling, site closure, and analysis.
    • Provide site remediation reports as required by our clients and the local, state, and federal agencies in charge.
    • Provide swift and immediate response to notices of non-compliance advisory letters from local, state, and federal agencies for our clients.

    Fuel Spill Containment

    Emergency Spill Response North Texas

    Many businesses, organizations, and local, state, and federal agencies are required to implement a 24-hour spill preparedness program. And, since response time is critical in mitigating loss during a spill, developing a relationship with a local environmental services company is one of the most important steps these organizations can make. Call North Texas Spill Response to learn how we can help.

    Rapid Response Containment

    Emergency Spill Response North Texas

    If the response is hasty and done appropriately, most hazardous material spills can be contained within a short time. Usually within a few hours. Once the spill has been contained, most remediation efforts can then be completed within the next 36 to 48 hours. We work within all local, state, and federal guidelines when providing hazardous material cleanup services. Call us to learn how you can we can be a part of your spill response efforts.

    Diesel Spill Cleanup

    Emergency Spill Response

    Most environmental spill cleanup incidents occur on the roadways. A fully loaded tractor-trailer can carry more than 250 gallons of diesel. When these big rigs are involved in tractor-trailer accidents sometimes their fuel tanks become ruptured. When a diesel release of this magnitude occurs, you need an experienced environmental services company to respond swiftly and appropriately. Call North Texas Spill Response for a permanent solution.

    Oil And Gas Spill Response

    Spill Response Solutions

    Depending upon where the gas spill occurs, the cleanup process may be more or less intensive. For example, if the spill occurs on the roadways, it can be cleaned up and remediated with minimal effort if the proper spill response occurs in a timely manner. All efforts must be made to ensure that not only the hazardous substance release is removed from the roadway, but swift attention to avoidance of spilling into the waterways is also required.

    However, if a spill occurs on porous ground, spill remediation will be more intensive. The soil will need to be treated and in some cases, removal of the soil will be required. When soil removal is necessary, the environmental services company will need to follow all of the regulated waste disposal guidelines to ensure the spill area is clean and contaminate free.

    When a fuel spill is on the ground, North Texas Spill Response removes the hazardous substance in the soil by placing it in contaminated soil plots. We then treat the contaminated soil with ELMN8 solution. ELMN8 is a patent-pending non-hazardous and non-toxic solution that, when applied treats any hydrocarbon contamination through a chemical oxidation process. Once the contaminated soil has been treated, the byproducts of weather and carbon dioxide are all that remain.

    When a hazardous substance release occurs, response time is the most critical element. When you contract with North Texas Spill Response for your environmental services spill response company, we will ensure a speedy response, as well as ensure that you have all of the reporting paperwork in place before a spill occurs. Call us to learn more.

    Emergency Spill Response North Texas
    Emergency Spill Response
    Emergency Spill Response