Fuel Spill Cleanup

North Texas Spill Response’s HazMat team is always available for immediate emergency fuel spill cleanup. We provide a variety of services to all areas in North Texas, including diesel fuel spill cleanup, gasoline spills, hazardous material cleanup, and hydrocarbon remediation. If you experience an accidental fuel release due to a punctured fuel tank, a tanker rollover, leaking or broken fuel lines, overfills, or any other hazardous materials breach, call us immediately for a quick response. The sooner you make the call for spill response, the quicker the fuel spill containment cleanup process can begin. If delayed, fuel oil can soak into concrete floors, wood support beams and even flow into cracks in the floor and even get behind walls, increasing the expense of remediation. In extreme cases of neglect to remedy a fuel or oil spill, removal of walls and floors may be required.

Emergency Response Fuel Spill Cleanup

For the most part, small fuel spills (5 gallons or less) can be cleaned up successfully with Oil Dry, kitty litter, or other spill remediation products available to the general public. However, if the odor remains afterward, you may need to call a professional to ensure that no long term hazards exist. Short term exposure to fuel oil vapors usually doesn’t cause any long-term negative effects. But, breathing these vapors in tight, confined quarters can cause nausea and dizziness. You may also experience eye and throat irritation. Very long-term exposure to a fuel spill, due to not addressing the issue correctly sooner, can cause serious long-term health issues. Exposure to fuel oil vapors for an extended period could negatively impact your liver, kidneys, and cause other problems. Regardless of where the spill occurs, at home or at work, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and call in the professionals. For emergency spill response call on North Texas Spill Response.


Quick Response Fuel Spill Cleanup

For oil spills and other hazardous material cleanup. We have HAZWOPER Certified Technicians! We provide spill containment, site remediation, as well as onsite soil testing, water testing and more.

    Fuel Spill Cleanup North Texas
    • Hydrocarbon Cleanup

    • Oil Spill Cleanup

    • Gas Spill Cleanup

    • Hazwoper Certified

    • Biohazard Cleanup

    • Site Remediation

    • Hazmat Disposal

    • Cargo Cleanup

    • Spill Containment

    • Impacted Soil Removal

    • Water Testing

    • Chemical Spills

    • Surface Water Removal

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    • Site Restoration

    Besides providing fuel spill containment services, North Texas Spill Response also provides remediation services for industrial fuel and oil spills that occurred in the past. Give us a call and one of our environmental cleanup specialists will promptly provide ground water assessment, soil sampling and more.

    • Emergency Cleanup
    • Industrial Cleanup
    • Spill Containment
    • Field Oil Services
    • Hazmat Cleanup
    • Oil Spill Response
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    • Biohazard Cleanup
    • Tanker Truck Rollovers
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    Emergency Response HazMat Services

    What is a hazardous material?

    A hazardous material abbreviated HazMat is any substance that is known to constitute a threat to a person’s health, property, or the environment. HazMat substances include fuels, nuclear waste products, toxic chemicals, and radiological, biological, and chemical agents. Hazardous materials may be released into the environment as a solid, liquid, or gas. If you are ever involved, in any way, with a HazMat emergency, you need to be very careful as these types of spills have caused health problems, injuries, and even death in humans as well as animals. That is why it’s important to have knowledge of an environmental services company you can trust. North Texas Spill Response is highly experienced and Hazwoper Certified in providing fast response times and safe, effective spill remediation. We will not only ensure that the affected areas are clean, but we will also provide removal and transportation of the harmful substances and materials.

    Fuel Spill Containment

    Fuel Spill Containment Dallas Texas

    Controlling a fuel spill, or spill containment is vital as doing so focuses on ensuring that the spill does not become a larger hazard than it already is. There are many methods of controlling a spill, including mechanical containment, removing soil, using chemicals to stop the spread, and installing absorbent fences.

    Diesel Spill Cleanup

    Fuel Spill Cleanup North Texas

    Petrodiesel is the most widely used diesel fuel today. And, when a petrodiesel spill occurs, you must work quickly to clean up the spill as it has a tendency to smell and stain whatever it comes into contact with. However, an oil solution applied by trained environmental specialists works wonders at cleaning up diesel spills.

    Fuel Spill Response

    Fuel Spill Cleanup North Texas

    Whether it’s gas, diesel, or hydraulic oil, many industrial businesses are at risk of having a spill. That’s why it’s crucial to take all necessary precautions when a spill occurs. In the event that a spill does occur at your business, we suggest that you have a well-prepared and qualified environmental service company at the ready.

    HAZWOPER Trained Technicians

    What is HAZWOPER?

    HAZWOPER is an acronym for Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Standard, and it was created to ensure the protection of workers who are engaged in hazardous waste operations here in the United States. It basically established health and safety requirements that employers who are engaged in this industry must follow.

    HAZWOPER lists the necessary requirements for spill cleanup and containment. Which includes cleanup operations, developing a safety and health program, site analysis, site control, training, and a whole lot more. All of our environmental service specialists have extensive knowledge of everything inside HAZWOPER, are HAZWOPER Certified, and are required to engage in ongoing training every year.

    Annually, after the initial HAZWOPER training has been completed, our environmental specialists are required to complete an additional 8-hour training refresher course. This ensures that they meet all Federal and State guidelines for hazardous material cleanup. HAZWOPER training keeps our people safe while ensuring the safety of your people as well as the environment.

    Fuel Spill Cleanup North Texas
    Fuel Spill Cleanup North Texas

    How We Approach a Hazardous Material Release

    Fuel Spill CleanupFuel spills can lead to significant environmental damage, posing a threat to both terrestrial and aquatic life. It’s crucial to act quickly and efficiently to minimize harm. At North Texas Spill Response, we have a dedicated team of professionals and resources in place to address these incidents. Here’s what you need to know about fuel spill cleanup in our region.

    Why is Quick Response Important?

    1. Environmental Protection: Fuel, especially when spilled in large amounts, can be detrimental to the environment. It can seep into the soil, contaminating groundwater and affecting aquatic life in nearby water bodies.
    2. Public Health Concerns: The fumes from spilled fuel are hazardous. Prolonged exposure can lead to health issues, including respiratory problems and skin irritation.
    3. Economic Impact: A spill can lead to road closures, affect local businesses, and result in hefty fines.

    How We Respond

    Assessment: As soon as we’re notified of a spill, our team rushes to the site to gauge the severity and determine the best course of action.

    Containment: We deploy booms, skimmers, and absorbent materials to prevent the spread of the fuel.

    Removal: Using state-of-the-art equipment, we then remove the spilled fuel and any contaminated materials.

    Restoration: Once the spill is cleaned, we take measures to restore the affected area to its original state, ensuring minimal lasting impact on the environment.

    Prevention & Education

    While response is crucial, prevention is even more critical. We offer educational programs for businesses and the community to reduce the chances of future spills. Our sessions cover safe fuel handling, storage, and transportation practices.

    How Can You Help?

    1. Stay Informed: Knowledge is the first step. Understand the risks associated with fuel and how spills can affect our environment.
    2. Report Incidents: If you notice a spill, report it immediately to local authorities.
    3. Practice Safe Handling: Ensure that you handle and store fuels safely, using approved containers and following guidelines.

    In Conclusion

    Fuel spill incidents can have serious repercussions, but with the right knowledge and swift action, we can mitigate the damage. North Texas Spill Response is dedicated to ensuring that our environment remains safe and clean, and with the community’s support, we can continue to protect our beautiful region.