Water Testing Services

At North Texas Spill Response, we don’t take the job of water testing lightly. We understand that there’s a need to protect our planet and your property from increasing damage due to unwanted hazardous waste materials. And, even if you don’t experience a hazardous spill on your property in Coppell, Texas, there’s still a chance that the groundwater on or surrounding your property may still be contaminated. Our team is trained and equipped to not only test your soil and water but also to clean up any type of hazardous material spill. From oil spills, gas spills, or any other type of biological hazard, you can trust that our team of HAZWOPER-certified professionals can get your site back into compliance. When you call us for emergency spill response, our professionals will act quickly to get to your location, with the goal being to mitigate any damages a hazardous material release may cause. Trust North Texas Spill Response for all your spill response needs.

Soil and Water Testing

At North Texas Spill Response, we understand that you have options when choosing an environmental services company to help you get compliant after a hazardous material spill on your property. That’s why, besides providing water testing and soil testing, we also offer comprehensive planning and consulting services prior to a spill. We don’t mean to pat ourselves on the back, but the truth is, we selflessly do this as a means to decrease the chances of you ever needing to call us for an emergency spill response. However, if you do experience a spill on your property, our team is available 24 hours to respond to your location and quickly get to work to mitigate your loss and the damage to your property and the environment. We know how important it is to get into compliance with local, state, and federal regulatory bodies and will not rest until your hazardous oil spill, gas spill, or any other hydrocarbon contamination is removed and properly disposed of. So, whether you own a convenience store, a warehouse, or manage a large industrial site, you can count on our team at North Texas Spill Response to get your site clean and safe again.


Quick Response Water Testing Services

For oil spills and other hazardous material cleanup. We have HAZWOPER Certified Technicians! We provide spill containment, site remediation, as well as onsite soil testing, water testing and more.

    Water Testing Services North Texas Spill Response
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    Fuel and oil spills are dangerous and can lead to much more than simply an annoying mess. Fire hazards, negative environmental impact, and harm to humans are all factors that come into play when you experience a spill. Don’t get caught not knowing what to do when a spill occurs, contact North Texas Spill Response for a free on-site consultation.

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    Environmental Testing of Your Water After A Spill

    How does oil contaminate water?

    Any type of petroleum spill has the propensity to seep through soil, concrete, or rock and contaminate surrounding bodies of water, sub-surface groundwater, and even the water table. This seepage of contaminants into the water can be mitigated and subsequently removed if the spill is responded to and treated with urgency and professionalism. As you are probably aware, our drinking water emanates from rivers, groundwater, and large bodies of water, therefore it is of high importance to avoid allowing gas or oil to find their way into these sources of water. Oil gets into these water sources through various means. While oil pollution does sometimes result in spills from tanker trucks and ocean tankers, the majority of oil contaminants in our water come from individuals allowing the contaminant to be poured down drains. Not only does North Texas Spill Response provide quick response oil spill cleanup and water testing, but we also provide household hazardous material removal.

    Well Water Contamination

    Water Testing North Texas Spill Response

    An oil spill can have a negative impact on the quality of water in residential private wells that are in close proximity to the spill. Therefore, if you have a spill and have notified the appropriate regulatory bodies this will enable them to alert any owners of private wells to have a competent professional provide a water test.

    Groundwater Testing

    Water Testing North Texas

    Many convenience stores and gas stations have underground gasoline storage tanks. If during a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment it is determined that gasoline is leaking from an underground tank, groundwater testing will need to be conducted to determine if any hydrocarbon contamination has seeped through the tank containment barriers.

    Gasoline In Water

    Water Testing North Texas

    Unfortunately, it’s not common knowledge that one gallon of gasoline can contaminate up to one million gallons of water. Once water has been found to be contaminated the cleanup of the contaminated soil, freshwater, and groundwater can be expensive. Therefore, we suggest that you contact us to establish a relationship prior to a spill occurring.

    Your Environmental Services Company

    Water Contamination Remediation

    The term remediation derives from remedy. So it follows that water contamination remediation would refer to the process of removing contaminants from water. If it has been determined that your site is producing unacceptable risks and that contaminants are present, you’re going to need a competent environmental services company to provide remediation services.

    North Texas Spill Response offers free on-site consultation services to help your site to remain compliant but also to help you avoid any unnecessary oil spill releases. If you do experience a spill after you’ve enlisted our consulting services, we will quickly respond and clean up the spill. After the cleanup, if it is determined through testing that there is further contamination, to groundwater, soil, or other substances, we will provide an analysis of the situation and provide the best possible and most cost-effective remediation solutions for your site.

    Contact North Texas Spill Response for a free on-site consultation. We help you minimize your exposure to liability while reducing the risk of harm to humans and the environment by ensuring there is a proactive plan in place that helps to decrease the likelihood of a spill occurring.

    Water Testing North Texas
    Water Testing North Texas Spill Response