Oil Spill Clean Up

When it comes to cleaning up oil spills in the North Texas area, North Texas Spill Response puts the safety of everyone involved in the spill as our top priority. From employees to passersby and our technicians as well, we pride ourselves on ensuring the welfare of everyone who is even remotely close to the spill. Because each oil spill clean up job has its own set of unique challenges and difficulties to be overcome, we always rely on our HAZWOPER trained hazmat response technicians to get the job done safely. When an oil spill occurs at your site in Denton, Texas, you deserve our emergency waste disposal services to identify the source of the spill and stop the flow of oil. Once the oil flow has been stopped we then mitigate your loss by ensuring that the oil does not get into waterways or other common areas where more damage can be done. The next step is to remove the spilled oil and remediate the entire area so that there are zero hydrocarbons left behind.

Emergency Oil Spill Clean Up

Whether your spill is due to leaking oil drums, pipeline rupture, tank overflows, or road tractor saddle tank spills, North Texas Spills Response will always respond as quickly as is humanly possible. Our skilled operators are trained in cleaning up hazardous liquids, solids, sludge, as well as gas. We dispose of them properly to ensure that your business remains compliant with all regulatory guidelines. Since we’re in North Texas, we are very close to the oil industry and have worked on many spills with 100% success. We provide hazardous waste treatment, landfill dumping, site remediation, and more. While each spill clean up is different, sometimes it is even necessary to remove contaminated earth from the spill location. This ensures that your site is restored to its pre-spill condition. If your spill requires that we wash down surfaces, we do it in a manner that is environmentally sound. We use naturally ionized water to create a slurry mixture of water and hazardous substances and then suction this slurry away in a truck-mounted storage tank. We then adhere to all governmental regulations to dispose of this material.


Quick Response Oil Spill Clean Up

For oil spills and other hazardous material cleanup. We have HAZWOPER Certified Technicians! We provide spill containment, site remediation, as well as onsite soil testing, water testing and more.

    Oil Spill Clean Up

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    Of all the environmental services we provide, one our premier services we offer is cleaning up oil spills. We have worked in the accident recovery industry from more than 20 years now and have the experience, equipment, and training to handle any type of hydrocarbon release. We have helped hundreds of businesses and individuals to be prepared for an oil spill, so contact us before you need our services.

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    Emergency Fuel And Oil Remediation Services

    Hydrocarbon Cleanup Process

    As we’ve mentioned, North Texas Spill Response provides emergency hydrocarbon cleanup services and would like to take this opportunity to describe our process for the various types of spills that you may encounter. In a perfect world, we would like to have a working relationship with all of our customers, this way our efforts can work proactively to help reduce the risk of any hazardous material release. And, to that end, we suggest that you schedule an on-site consultation so that we can have the opportunity to take a look at your operation and possibly point out any areas of concern. Absent a pre-existing relationship, we will still respond quickly to any emergency spill on your premises. After we receive your call and arrive at the spill site we’ll assess the site conditions and the spill details and begin to formulate a plan for the immediate cleanup and remediation of your property.

    Oil Absorbents

    Oil Spill Clean Up North Texas

    If there exists the threat of the hydrocarbon spill reaching storm water drainage or other bodies of water, we use absorbent tubes that will soak up the hazardous material and therefore, prevent the contamination from spreading further. However, if any hazardous material makes it into storm drains we can still remediate the problem.

    Chemical Oxidation

    Oil Spill Clean Up

    Once we’ve determined that hydrocarbon liquids are present and there are storm drainage and groundwater nearby we begin by using ELMN8 to consume and remove the contamination. ELMN8 is a virtually non-hazardous and non-toxic solution that treats hydrocarbon contamination through an immediate chemical oxidation process.

    Biodegradation Process

    Oil Spill Clean Up

    If, after we have removed the hazardous material release, there still exists any residual hydrocarbon staining on the pavement, surface water, or soil, we will completely wash it down after the ELMN8 has been applied. When mixed with water and applied to the remaining hydrocarbons this compound begins to biodegrade the oil completely.

    Preventing A Hazardous Material Release

    We want to be your environmental services consultant.

    North Texas Spill Response can respond at a moment’s notice to any hydrocarbon spill, however, we would rather build relationships with our clients prior to the occurrence of a spill. More than just a spill response and remediation company, North Texas Spill Response views itself as a partner who is willing to do the hard work of ensuring that fewer spills occur. Why? Because we live in and have families in the communities that we serve. As the leading environmental cleanup contractor in North Texas, our company has experience with all types of oil spills. But, the spills that we take the most pride in are the ones that we’ve helped our clients to prevent. Contact North Texas Spill Response to schedule your free on-site consultation.

    Oil Spill Clean Up