Water Remediation Services

Our water remediation services remove contaminants from groundwater and from bodies and streams of water. Groundwater is the water that is below the surface of the ground, which makes up 95% of the freshwater found in the United States. This means that around 40% of the world’s drinking water comes from groundwater sources such as boreholes and wells. So, if you didn’t think that contaminated water remediation services were important before you started reading, your eyes are now open to the necessity of such services. Besides being a source of drinking water, groundwater provides farmers with water to irrigate crops and for companies to manufacture products. Unfortunately, spills from oil, gas, fertilizer, and pesticides can cause groundwater contamination. That being said, there are various ways to remedy the problem. Groundwater contaminant remediation is the process of treating groundwater by removing the pollutants. There are many different methods of groundwater remediation; contact us to learn more before you need our services.

Emergency Water Remediation

When you have hydrocarbon release on water, be it oil, gas, or any other petroleum-based product, you need to take immediate action to mitigate the spill and remediate the contaminated water. Human exposure to hydrocarbons is most prevalent through skin contact and consumption of contaminated food and water. Crude oil has been proven to cause DNA damage and defects in cardiac function in both humans and animals. There are basically three treatment methods that are used by environmental cleanup specialists to remediate a hydrocarbon release on surface water and groundwater. One method is called pump and treat, where the water is removed from the ground and is treated with biological or chemical agents. The use of organic matter such as plants and microorganisms to clean contaminated water by breaking down certain chemicals is also very effective.


Quick Response Water Remediation

For oil spills and other hazardous material cleanup. We have HAZWOPER Certified Technicians! We provide spill containment, site remediation, as well as onsite soil testing, water testing and more.

    Water Remediation Removing Contaminants
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    • Impacted Soil Removal

    • Water Testing

    • Power Washing

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    • Fluid Spill Cleanup

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    • Hazmat Disposal

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    • Cargo Cleanup

    • Site Remediation

    Regardless of the efforts of those with commercial interests and regulatory bodies, there are still a tremendous number of spills to water bodies, leaks from underground tanks, underground and above-ground pipe ruptures, and other such spills. Protect yourself by contacting North Texas Spill Response before you have a spill. We’ll provide you with a free on-site consultation.

    • Hazmat Cleanup
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    • Biohazard Cleanup
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    • Guaranteed Remediation
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    • Spill Containment

    Surface Water Remediation Services

    Various methods of water contamination remediation

    Over the last three decades, surface water pollution has become a threat to water resource sustainability and the environment around the world. That being said, the contaminated surface waters concentration of pollutants as compared to raw wastewater is quite low. Therefore we learned that it’s not cost-effective to use similar treatment technologies. Equipment and technologies used for domestic sewage or industrial wastewater are neither cost-effective nor work as quickly as the technology we use today. There have been a variety of recent studies conducted in an effort to streamline the removal of contaminants from surface waters. These include physical, ecological, and chemical methods. Physical usually includes dredging sediment, which is the removal of sediments and debris from the bottom of lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water, where contaminants can settle. Ecological surface water remediation is an in-situ remediation technology where plants and microbes work together to remove environmental pollutants. While chemical surface water remediation requires chemical agents and absorbents to change the pH in surface water in order for suspended substances to be adsorbed. The chemical reaction between pollutants and the chemical agents introduced allows for the separation and recovery of harmful substances in water.

    Water Testing

    Water Remediation Services Contaminated Water

    Whether you are a business owner or a landowner of any kind, the effects of contaminated groundwater or surface water can be severe. Regardless of if the property is being used commercially, for industry, or for running livestock and farming, you need to ensure that your property and procedures are 100% regulatory compliant.

    Contaminated Soil Remediation

    Water Remediation Services From hydrocarbon release

    Besides remediation of contaminated soil, contaminated soil can be dealt with in one of three ways. Abandoning the site and restricting its use. Encapsulating the soil in situ with a water-resistant material and covering with a clean layer of topsoil. Excavating the contaminated dirt and disposing of it in a hazardous waste landfill.

    Environmental Remediation

    Water Remediation Services

    If you are a landowner who suspects that your water has been compromised with contamination you shouldn’t hesitate to call North Texas Spill Response immediately. Our remediation company can test the groundwater and surface water on your property and identify any hazardous pollutants. We’ll then put together a detailed remediation plan.

    We Clean Up Petroleum Based Spills

    Removing Man-Made Chemicals From Pure Clean Soil

    When it comes to cleaning up gas and oil spills in North Texas, most people don’t believe that they need to concern themselves with the details of what to do in such an instance. But, cleaning up petroleum-based releases is much more than simply stopping the spill from getting into streams or groundwater. Once the spill is mitigated, the real work begins. We then begin the process of cleaning and then testing what we’ve cleaned to ensure that all contaminants have been removed.

    The question that remains is, what is clean? The answer is that it’s necessary for remediation efforts to be consistent and within the many confines of the regulatory framework we work from. Ensure that your site is properly remediated and that as many of the contaminants as possible are removed; it’s important that we ensure that the process is transparent.

    When man-made chemicals come into contact with pure, clean soil, these contaminants can cause harm and do damage to the land, the people nearby, and the surrounding environment. Soil contamination is a problem you should take seriously, whether it’s on your personal residential property or commercial and industrial property. If you have a suspicion that your soil may be contaminated, you’ll want to ensure that no digging is done and that people are now allowed to be on your land. Contact North Texas Spill Response for soil and water contamination remediation.

    Water Remediation Services
    Water Remediation Services